Author Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha
Magazines Ribon
Original run
Volumes 1

15-nenme (15年目, lit. "The 15th Year") is one of Ai Yazawa's earliest known works, and was serialized in Ribon. It was published by Shueisha on July 15, 1986.[1] It has never been translated into English, and is most likely out of print in Japan considering the age of it.


It can be described as a "typical" love story that was popular in the 1980's.[2] The story can be conjectured through the pages that the story might be a love triangle between two guys and a girl.



15-nenme consists of one volume with atleast two chapters[3]. Ribon serialized it, and Shueisha published it in 1986. Yazawa's debut short story, "Ano Natsu" was also included with 15-nenme publication.[2] A few pages of it can be found, when scouring through the internet.

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