Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete has several characters. Like most of Yazawa's early works it has just one heroine, Haruka Tachibana and many other supporting characters. Throughout the manga Yazawa gave character profiles on the sidebars providing a little more information on the characters.

Main charactersEdit

Haruka TachibanaEdit

Main article: Haruka Tachibana

Tooru ArikawaEdit

Main article: Tooru Arikawa

Ippei ShimizuEdit

Main article: Ippei Shimizu

Supporting charactersEdit

Tomoyo KitadaEdit

Main article: Tomoya Kitada


Main article: Dolphin

Ryouhei ShimizuEdit

Main article: Ryouhei Shimizu

Yoshie TachibanaEdit

Main article: Yoshie Tachibana

Rika YamadaEdit

Main article: Rika Yamada

Minor charactersEdit



Masao MizunoEdit

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