Love Letter
Author Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha
Magazines Ribon
Original run
Volumes 1

Love Letter (ラブレター Raburetā) is an early work of Ai Yazawa that was serialized in Ribon sometime during the 1980s. Shueisha published it into a single volume on June 15, 1987.[1]

The manga recently became available on Amazon Kindle in Japan.[2]


"Yari is a sixteen-year-old girl who goes for Taiwan for the first time with her friend. In that trip she meets a boy named Li Kemin, a manga editor. They fall in love but they have the time, the language and the distance as a barrier to their love. It's a romantic story in a girl perspective that talks about all the trouble in the long distance relationship and what it takes to beat it."[3]



Love Letter like many of Yazawa's early works is only one volume long. The first chapter is titled, "One Hour of Difference."[3]


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