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Princess Ai
Authors Courtney Love
DJ Milky
Illustrators Ai Yazawa
Misaho Kujiradou
Publishers Shinshokan (Japan)
Tokyopop (North America)
Madman Entertainment (Australia; New Zealand)
Magazines Wings
Original run 2004-2005
Volumes 3
Authors Courtney Love
DJ Milky
Illustrators Ai Yazawa
Misaho Kujiradou
Publishers Kirohuti Fujiwara (Japan)
Tokyopop (North America)
Original run 2008-possibly on hiatus
Volumes 2

Princess Ai (プリンセス·アイ物語 Purinsesu Ai Monogatari, lit. "The Story of Princess Ai") is a manga co-created by Courtney Love and Stu Levy under the pen name, D.J. Milky. Misaho Kujiradou illustrated and wrote it. Ai Yazawa did a few of the character designs.


A young, amnesiac alien girl known only as Princess Ai is mysteriously transported to Tokyo, Japan. With only a heart-shaped box to clue her in on her past, Ai makes her living as a rock star at Club Cupid. She falls in love with a sensitive musician, Kent, to the chagrin of Kent's gay, possessive roommate, Hikaru. But Hikaru is the least of Ai's worries when gun-toting talent agents and demons seeking to take control of Ai's homeland, Ai Land, are hot on her trail.[1]


The main character of the story. Ai is the product of a relationship between her Human father, King Sei, and a Dougen (Angel) female. Because of the war that rages between the Humans and the Dougen in Ai-Land, Ai's true parentage was kept a secret, even from Ai herself. Due to her mixed heritage, Ai sprouted wings on her back, tinged with red, and has the ability to control people's emotions with her singing. Also, Ai loves Nora and Kent and is torn between the two. She is fiercely independent.
A young man who works at the Shinjuku University library part time. Kent was one of the first people to discover Ai after she appeared in Tokyo, and offered her a place to stay, an action which caused a lot of friction with his roommate Hikaru. Like Ai, he is of a mixed heritage, being half Japanese and half American, and uses this fact to help Ai come to grips with her dual heritage.



Co-created by Courtney Love and D.J. Milky, Princess Ai was written and illustrated by Misaho Kujiradou and featured character designs by Ai Yazawa. Princess Ai was originally published into three volumes from July 6, 2004 to February 7, 2006. On October 9, 2007, Tokyopop republished it into one volume titles, Princess Ai Ultimate Edition.

Princess Ai: The Prism of Midnight Dawn, the sequel currently has two volumes as of 2010. However, it is unknown if the series will continue to published after Tokyopop disbanded in 2011.


Tokyopop has published several books based off Princess Ai. An art book, Princess Ai: Roses & Tattoos published in 2007, a fan book, Princess Ai: Rumors From The Other Side in 2008, which contains short stories by fans. Princess Ai of Ai-Land: The Comic Strip Collection is a comic-strip collection that was published in 2008, and Princess Ai: Encounters again in 2008.



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